Featured Event

DRAFT-format Pre-Release events for Magic: the Gathering Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate will be running all weekend at HobbyTown Lincoln’s South store! Events begin at 6:45pm on Friday, June 3rd!

Friday, June 3rd: 6:45pm 
Saturday, June 4th: 1pm
Sunday, June 5th: 1pm

Entry is $25 per player, and in-store registration starts 30 minutes before each event:

Battle for Baldur’s Gate with a DRAFT-format PreRelease! Players will draft in pods of ~8 players and play in tables of ~4. Each of the 3 Draft Boosters contains 20 cards, so you will draft 2 cards during each pick. Minimum deck size is 60 cards following the color identity of the chosen commander, and duplicates are allowed for this sealed draft.

Everyone gets a set booster pack prize for playing, and the winner of each table also gets a bonus prize pack!

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