Lincoln Commander League (LCL)

Lincoln Commander League

A competitive Commander-format league for Magic: the Gathering, meeting at HobbyTown Lincoln on Mondays at 6:15pm. There are prizes every week, plus more at the end of each season!


The Lincoln Commander League (LCL) will play from 6:15pm to 8pm every Monday at HobbyTown Lincoln in pods of three or four players, and players will earn points via attendance and victory. At the end of each League Season, top players will be awarded HobbyTown gift cards!

Date: Every Monday
Time: 6:15pm play
(registration starts before 6pm, 6:10pm is the last call to get in line)
Entry: $5
Format: Commander


Be sure to follow the Lincoln Commander League Facebook page for updates at !

You can join the LCL Discord server here:


LCL Summer 2021 Standings
LCL Fall 2021 Standings
LCL Winter 2021 Standings

LCL Spring 2022 Standings (March 21-June 13)


LCL Summer 2022 Standings (June 20-September 12)


  • How does the league work?

We’re using a modified swiss tournament structure utilizing a point based system where a win = 3 points, a draw = 1 point, a loss = 0 points, and playing in a pod = 1 additional point. Standings and pairings are based on points with tie-breakers for strength of schedule and win percentage.

  • How long is the league?

The league will run on Monday nights at 6:15pm for ten weeks each season, after which there will be one or two-week playoff depending on league attendance.

  • Is there an entry fee?

Yes, there will be a $5.00 entry fee to play in the league each night. This will go towards supporting the store, playoffs, and also weekly prizes.

  • What rules do I need to follow?

We follow the Commander RC banned list, (, and Wizards of the Coast specifically does not allow proxies to be played in the league. Cards from new sets become legal for play in events at HobbyTown Lincoln starting on their official release dates.

  • When are cards legal for play when a new set is released?

To keep things consistent across all Hobbytown events cards from new sets are legal in-store starting on the release date, (usually one week after the pre-release in most cases)

  • What if I can’t make it one night?

Not a big deal – you aren’t required to play each and every week. However, showing up and playing weekly will get you at least 1 point so it will affect your overall standings throughout the season!

  • Can I join the league mid-season?

Yes! You are free to join and play at any point in the regular season, including the playoff weeks.

  • What can I expect on a typical night?

Show up to the store around 6:00 pm and make your way to the back register to pay your entry fee; seating will be started at 6:15pm, and last call to get in line will be made at 6:10pm.

Pods will be assigned based on League Points after everyone has paid their entry fee. Sit down at your assigned table and randomly determine the starting player and then resolve mulligans as necessary. Play and complete your timed match after which you’ll record your results and turn them back in. Remember to come pick up your prize from a HobbyTown employee if you win your pod!

  • What happens if we run out of time during a match?

Round length for regular league games is 90 minutes. If the match time limit is reached before a winner is determined, the player whose turn it is finishes their turn and up to three additional turns are played in total, (one for each other remaining player). Excluding the player whose turn it is each -other- player will normally get one additional turn, but a player taking extra turns may affect this. If there is still no winner after these additional turns, any players who have not been eliminated will be considered to have drawn, with the weekly prize going to one of them randomly. Any players eliminated prior to the end still receive a loss as per usual.

  • How will prizes work?

We’ll distribute prizes out nightly to pod winners as well as random door prizes based on attendance. Then at the end of the ten weeks we’ll have a playoff where you’ll have a chance to win even more prizes!

  • What if I didn’t make the playoffs?

Even if you didn’t make the playoffs you can still attend and play for a chance to win separate prizes, as we will have a side-event running alongside the playoffs!

Also, if a player in the playoffs cannot play the first week, they will be removed from contention and their slot will open up, so there’s a chance you could still end up in the playoffs!

  • What if I -did- make the playoffs?

First off, Congratulations! Standings from the regular season will determine your table and seat for the playoffs and also determine turn order. The better you do in the regular season, the lower (better) your seed will be for the playoffs:

Week 11, (Semi-Finals):

  • Table 1 – Seed 1 will go first playing against Seed 14, Seed 15 and Seed 16 with Seed 14 playing second, Seed 15 playing third and Seed 16 playing last.
  • Table 2 – Seed 2 will go first playing against Seed 11, Seed 12 and Seed 13 with Seed 11 playing second, Seed 12 playing third and Seed 13 playing last.
  • Table 3 – Seed 3 will go first playing against Seed 8, Seed 9 and Seed 10 with Seed 9 playing second, Seed 12 playing third and Seed 13 playing last.
  • Table 4 – Seed 4 will go first playing against Seed 5, Seed 6 and Seed 7 with Seed 5 playing second, Seed 6 playing third and Seed 7 playing last.

Week 12, (Finals):

The winners from the top four tables in the the previous week will move on to the Finals and play in the winner’s bracket. Decklists are required for these players, you can build your decklist using moxfield and submit those in discord. 

The players who didn’t win the previous week among the top four tables are paired against each other at random in the loser’s bracket.

Seat and turn order are determined by player seed where the lower seed goes first.

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