Pokemon at HobbyTown Lincoln

Play the Pokemon TCG at HobbyTown Lincoln!

HobbyTown Lincoln will be running officially sanctioned Pokemon TCG events in-store like weekly leagues, League Challenges, and PreReleases starting Sunday, July 3rd!


HobbyTown Lincoln
(Pioneer Woods location)

HobbyTown Lincoln is an official location for Pokemon Organized Play, with Professor-led events and a broad selection of sealed Pokemon products as well as individual cards!

HobbyTown Lincoln Pioneer Woods
(70th and Pioneers)

What’s the next big thing in Pokemon at HobbyTown Lincoln?

PKM Obsidian Flames

Catch new Pokemon TCG cards early with in-store Pre-Releases at HobbyTown Lincoln on July 30th, August 2nd, and August 6th!

(While supplies last)

Pokemon PreRelease kits include a Build & Battle kit PLUS 3 additional prize packs and an assortment of basic energy cards!

Event begins at 2pm on Sunday, July 30th, 6pm on Wednesday, August 2nd, and 2pm on Sunday, August 6th!  Entry is $35 plus tax, and players will build a deck using the cards in their Build & Battle Box to play with.  At the end of the event, everyone will receive 3 prize packs from the new set!

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