Play and trade Disney Lorcana at HobbyTown Lincoln!

Free Organized Play meets up every Saturday at 2pm, starting August 26th, 2023!

Players will get Lorcana League scorecards when they sign up, each of which covers a 4-week League Round during the 12-week League Season.  Prizes are awarded to top and random players based on how many stickers they have collected on their scorecards, with prizes handed out at the end of each 4-week League Round, plus some extra special prizes at the end of the Season!

Each Saturday we will play 3 rounds of best-of-three matches, starting at 2pm.  After finishing a match, players will report their results at the yellow tournament counter to get their stickers: 2 if they won the match, 1 if they did not.  You can also get bonus points other ways, so check out the “Earning League Points” section below, and make sure to come to us for a sticker at the yellow counter whenever you complete a task!

We will announce next-round pairings once all players are finished or time runs out after 50 minutes.

League players will need  a free Melee account to play, get yours now at https://melee.gg/Account/Register !

Learn to play Lorcana here!

Organized play

Lorcana League

The Lorcana League gives players a fun and friendly way to play, trade, and collect with other Illumineers.

League Round

A League Round includes four consecutive weeks of Lorcana play and activities, with promo cards and pins awarded based on League Points at the end of the round.

League Points

Players earn League points for playing Lorcana, teaching new players, bringing friends, and achieving certain in-game challenges!

League Season

A League Season lasts 12 weeks (3 rounds), with special season prizes and any remaining round prizes awarded at the end of the season.

Earning League points
(Up to 10 per week)

Regular Point Awards

  • Sign up for a League Round: 1 point
  • Win a match: 2 points
  • Lose a match: 1 point
  • Teach someone new to play Lorcana: 2 points
  • Bring someone new to play in the League: 1 point

Achievement Point Awards
(1 point each per League Round)

  • Wear something with a favorite animated Disney character on it
  • Play a themed deck:
    • HEY EVERYBODY!: Have three different Mickey or Minnie Mouse cards in play
    • DOUBLE FEATURE: Play a deck with cards from just two movie franchises
    • STRENGTH IN UNITY: Include only character cards that share a classification
    • ALL FOR ONE!: Have all three Musketeers in play (Mickey, Donald, and Goofy)
    • SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT: Have two different Tinkerbell cards in play
    • BIBBIDI-BOBBIDI-BOO: Have three different Sorcerers in play
    • IT’S A GREAT ILLUMINARY AFTER ALL: Have a Dreamborn, a Floodborn, and a Storyborn card in play
    • UNEASY ALLIANCE: Have both a Hero and a Villain card in play
    • COLD NEVER BOTHERED ME: Have three different Elsa and/or Anna cards in play
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