Warhammer at HobbyTown Lincoln

Play Warhammer and more at HobbyTown Lincoln!

HobbyTown Lincoln has open-play for Games Workshop games on Tuesdays ay 6pm!

Play Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Kill Team, Warcry, Necromunda, and more on our gaming tables and ever-expanding selection of terrain!


HobbyTown Lincoln
(Pioneer Woods location)

HobbyTown Lincoln at Pioneer Woods has miniature wargaming tables and terrain ready for conquest! Plus, add a personal touch to your games with our optional house rules and monthly write-ups!

HobbyTown Lincoln Pioneer Woods
(70th and Pioneers)

Register Online! (coming soon)

House Rules and Crusades/Leagues at HobbyTown Lincoln

The warp affects all realities across space and time, and manifests itself at games in HobbyTown Lincoln in different ways based on how factions are performing. For any games played here, each player chooses a faction which best represents their current force: Order, Chaos, or Unaligned. Depending on whether a faction is Dominating, Ascending, or the Underdog, they will receive one of the following once-per-game abilities:

Dominating: You may force your opponent to re-roll any one die
Ascending: You may re-roll any one die
Underdog: You may add or subtract 1 from any one die for a result between 1 and 6

Current Faction Standings:

Order: Dominating
Chaos: Ascending
Unaligned: Underdog

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