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Chaos has achieved domination during the Vigilus Alone campaign season!

All reported results affect the push and pull of forces on the campaign map. If both players are already in the same alliance, roll off to determine who is true to their allegiance and who has been compelled to unwittingly act against their own faction!

War of Desperation Campaign Season (July-September 2022)

Haarken Worldclaimer is attacking along the length of the Nachmund Gauntlet, eager to secure it and the Dharrovar system for Chaos! Play in narrative games at HobbyTown Lincoln and turn in your results on our new scorecards to help defend or conquer the three war zones for your faction-players will represent either the Imperial Alliance (Imperium keyword and anyone who would seek to thwart the machinations of Chaos) or Chaos ‘Alliance’ (non-Imperium keyword). All warzones are active at the same time for this season, so make sure to circle which zone you are fighting for when you turn in your crusade scoresheets!

Current Status: Imperial Silos Relieved

Current Chaos Wins: 1
Current Imperial Wins: 6


Dharrovar was home to the Chaos Knights of House Mandrakor and posed a significant threat to Imperial shipping through the Nachmund Gauntlet.


Harsh Terrain

Much of Dharrovar s landmasses were made up of dense rock formations that made hasty movement extremely difficult. Troops moving quickly were often exposed to enemy fire from multiple directions and vantage points.

In your Movement phase, each time a unit is selected to make a Normal Move, Advance or Fall Back, until the start of your next Movement phase, that unit cannot receive the benefits of cover.

Dug-in Zealots

House Mandrakor and their slave armies were fighting to defend their home world. With no where to retreat to, they fought all the more fiercely to drive away Imperial troops and to win the favour of the Dark Gods.

  • Each time a Morale test is taken for a CHAOS ALLIANCE unit from your army, you can ignore any or all modifiers to that units Leadership characteristic.
  • You can re-roll Morale tests taken for CHAOS ALLIANCE units from your army.

Fiery Determination

The armies of the Imperium are determined to wipe out for the forces of the Arch-enemy on Dharrovar.Each time an IMPERIAL ALLIANCE unit from your army Advances, you do not have to make an Advance roll. Instead, until the end of the phase, add D3+3″ to the Move characteristic of models in that unit.

Munition Supplies: If an alliance has Munition Supplies, each time a player from that alliance plays a battle in the Dharrovar Mandeville Point war zone, at the start of the first battle round, that player gains 1 Command point.

Current Status: Chaos Relieve Ground Forces

Current Chaos Wins: 3
Current Imperial Wins: 1


When Imperial forces assaulted Dharrovar, they left a sizeable contingent of ships around the system’s Mandeville Point, knowing that they were vulnerable to a rear attack if this region was left unguarded.


Defensive Positions Held

Imperial ships were placed around the Mandeville Point on high alert, ready for any Chaos ships which might pour through.If you are not playing a Legendary Mission, the IMPERIAL ALLIANCE player gets to decide which of the deployment zones they will use.

Strike of the Worldclaimer

The Imperial forces could never be sure if or when, a Chaos armada might pour through the Mandeville Point to assail their lines.If you are not playing a Legendary Mission, after determining who has the first turn, the CHAOS ALLIANCE player can roll one D6: on a 5+, they can change who takes the first turn.

Orbital Dominance: If an alliance has Orbital Dominance, each time a player from that alliance plays a battle in the Dharrovar Surface war zone, at the start of the first battle round, they can select up to three units from their army. Remove those units from the battlefield. That player can then set them up anywhere on the battlefield that is wholly within their deployment zone.

Current Status: Chaos Advantage

Current Chaos Wins: 3
Current Imperial Wins: 2


The Battle of the Grakiliod Narrow was the Imperium’s last ditch effort to hold back the forces of Haarken Worldclaimer long enough for Indomitus Crusade reinforcements to reach the Sanctus Wall.


Led by Might

Both the forces of Chaos and the Imperium were led by mighty warriors, skilled generals and adept admirals. In your Command phase, if your WARLORD is on the battlefield, roll one D6: on a 4+, you gain 1 Command point.

Fanatical Belief: If an alliance has Fanatical Belief, each time a player from that alliance plays a battle in the Grakiliod Narrow war zone, that player can use the Insane Bravery Stratagem up to three times that battle, and each time that player uses that Stratagem, it costs 1 CP.

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