Warhammer at HobbyTown Lincoln

Play Warhammer and more at HobbyTown Lincoln!

HobbyTown Lincoln has open-play for Games Workshop games on Tuesdays ay 6pm!

Play Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Kill Team, Warcry, Necromunda, and more on our gaming tables and ever-expanding selection of terrain!

Current Alliance Standings: Chaos has achieved a Minor Victory over Dontoria. The Imperial Alliance was able to restore Storvahl to Neutral status, and the battle for Hearthlack has begun!

From mid-May to Mid-June, battle for the final fate of the Vigilus Alone campaign at HobbyTown Lincoln! For each battle, players will represent either the Imperial Alliance (Imperium keyword and anyone who would seek to thwart the machinations of Chaos) or Chaos ‘Alliance’ (non-Imperium keyword). Battlefields on Hearthlack the Haloed Moon have the following special rules:

Imperial Alliance:Chaos Alliance:
Holy ElationDesperate to Despoil
Add 1 to Combat Attrition tests for Imperial Alliance unitsChaos Alliance units add 1 to Attack rolls against Character units

All reported results will affect the push and pull of forces on the campaign map. If both players are already in the same alliance, roll off to determine who is true to their allegiance and who has been compelled to unwittingly act against their own faction!

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