Magic: the Gathering Launch Party @ HobbyTown Lincoln North

MTG Lord of the Rings

Celebrate the release of the newest Magic: the Gathering set with a Sealed Launch Party and Draft,  June 24th at HobbyTown Lincoln’s North location! ***Sealed Launch Party*** -Noon registration, 1pm start on Saturday. -$35 entry, Sealed format. Each player will receive 6 packs to build a

Magic: the Gathering Launch Party @ Pioneer Woods

MTG Lord of the Rings

Now that everyone has had a chance to see the new Magic cards in action, compete for top prizes based on attendance at the Sealed Launch Party, or select your deck with a Pack-Per-Win Draft ,  June 24th at HobbyTown Lincoln’s Pioneer Woods location!

Magic: the Gathering -Friday Night Magic @ Pioneer Woods

Enjoy Magic: the Gathering at HobbyTown Lincoln’s Pioneer Woods location every Friday Night at 6pm! Play for promos, play for prizes, play for the love of the game! HobbyTown Lincoln offers three different events every Friday, so you can choose your favorite format

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