2-Headed Giant MTG PreRelease (South): Phyrexia-All Will Be One


Each player can pre-register online individually by purchasing this ticket, remember to include your teammate’s info so we can get you in as a team once they have registered online or in-store as well!

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The 2-Headed Giant Pre-Release event for Magic: the Gathering Phyrexia-All Will Be One will run 11am Saturday at HobbyTown Lincoln’s South store!

Sealed event entry is $35 per player. In-store registration starts 30 minutes before each event, and you can speed up your check-in with the Magic Companion App using the following codes:

  • GWRDNXX (Saturday, February 4th 11am 2HG)

Each player in a Sealed event will receive a Pre-Release Kit containing 6 booster packs and a premium promo card to build a 40+ card deck; basic lands will be provided by the store.  In 2-Headed Giant, teammates can share their card pool for deck construction!

-The 11am Saturday 2-headed Giant event will cap at 4 Swiss rounds, and teams get 2 prize packs for each round they win!


For each All Will Be One In-Store Prerelease event, players will get to choose a 30th Anniversary promo:

Exalted Angel or Temple of the False God (while supplies last). 

30th Anniversary promos-All Will Be One

There will also be a Kor Haven or Vindicate promo given away to a random player or team at each event!