MTG Commander Legends PreRelease Kit (with Prizes and Promo!)-Pioneer Woods


Available for in-store pickup at our 70th and Pioneers location November 13, 2020 through November 19, 2020, while supplies last.

Out of stock


Take home 6 packs of Commander Legends early to play Sealed Commander, or use them for 2 Commander Drafts with your friends!  Plus, get 2 additional Commander Legends packs to use as prizes!

Everyone who enters HobbyTown Lincoln’s Commander Legends At-Home Pre-Release event with their Wizards account also gets this exclusive alternate-art foil promo Sengir, the Dark Baron!

You can get set up at (this is the same as your Magic Arena account if you have one), then enter the event in-store with your email address when you pick up your kit or via the Magic Companion app using code X8X3RP