Magic: the Gathering Pre-Release

Pre-Release events for Magic: the Gathering Throne of Eldraine will be running all weekend at HobbyTown Lincoln’s South store! Events begin at 6pm on Friday, September 27th and continue through Sunday, September 29th!

September 27th: 6pm (4-round event)
September 28th: 10am (regular) and 2pm (4-round event)
September 29th: 11am (2-Headed Giant) and Noon (4-round event)

Entry is $30 per player, and registration starts 30 minutes before each event.

Each player in a Sealed event will receive a Pre-Release Kit containing 6 booster packs and a premium promo card to build a 40+ card deck; basic lands will be provided by the store.


Prizes will be awarded based on attendance at the 10am Saturday and 11am Sunday events: every player adds 2 packs to the prize pool!

The 6pm Friday, 2pm Saturday, and noon Sunday events will be capped at 4 rounds, with players earning a booster pack for each match they win!

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