Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game

Experience the world of the Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game with FREE weekly Armory events at HobbyTown Lincoln, Mondays at 6pm!

Date: Mondays
Time: 6pm start
Entry: FREE
Format: Blitz

Remember to register your Flesh and Blood player account at https://fabtcg.com/accounts/register/ !  Armory events grant 3xp for each match win, so come prepared!

More information on Armory events can be found at https://fabtcg.com/organised-play/resources/armory-event-structure/ and the Blitz format at https://fabtcg.com/resources/gameplay-formats/blitz/

Next event: War of the Monarch (Dusk Till Dawn PreRelease)

As dusk consumes the day, the Demonastery’s otherworldly Shadow hordes tear through the dimenxxional rift, hellbent on the destruction of Solana. Yet in their darkest hour, allies emerge in unity alongside the valiant defenders of Light, in hope of once more seeing in the break of dawn.

Dusk till Dawn is a 10 card booster pack that returns to the conflict between Light and Shadow and sees the return to gaming tables of fan favorite Light Illusionist and Shadow Runeblade heroes whose predecessors have attained Living Legend status.

To celebrate, War of the Monarch Pre-release Weekend will run at HobbyTown Lincoln at 12pm on July 8th, giving players the opportunity to experience the origin of the Light vs Shadow conflict with Monarch booster draft, and get their hands on Dusk till Dawn prize packs a week before release… in addition to a chance to win one of the most beautiful Cold Foil hero cards we have ever made!

Date: Saturday, July 8th
Time: 11:30am registration, 12pm start
Entry: $30
Format: Monarch Draft

Event caps at 24 players.  Players will be grouped into draft pods to play 3 rounds of pack-per-win, best of 3 games, with additional prizes based on attendance!

Remember to register your Flesh and Blood player account at https://fabtcg.com/accounts/register/ , and you can save your spot for the event at fabtcg.com/join/gentle-pronghorn/

WotM prize kit


To draft cards, players are arranged into pods. Each player is given 3 Monarch booster packs to draft, and then the drafting begins.

Simultaneously, all players open 1 of their 3 booster packs and remove the token-slot card(s) from the pack. Players then choose (draft) 1 card from among the cards remaining in the pack and place it face down into a single pile in front of them. The remaining cards are then shuffled and passed to the player seated on their left. Players pick up the cards passed to them and repeat this process until all cards in the pack have been drafted.

The second pack is drafted the same as above, but packs are passed to the player on the right.

The third pack is drafted the same as above, but packs are passed to the player on the left.

While the drafting of booster packs is in progress, players may not look at the cards they have already drafted. Before the opening of both the second and third booster packs, players may look at the cards they have drafted. At the end of the review period, each player must return the cards to a single face-down in a single pile in front of them.

Players keep all of the cards they draft.

Card-Pool Construction Rules:

In Booster Draft, each player registers any young hero card from the set and the cards that they have drafted. A player’s card-pool includes every card that they’ve drafted, and any number of token-rarity cards from the set.

Token-rarity cards include weapons for each hero, and Cracked Baubles, but may also include equipment (e.g. Helio’s Mitre) and/or other deck-cards (e.g. Pheonix Flame). If a player cannot construct a 30-card minimum deck from the cards they have drafted, they add Cracked Baubles to their deck until the number of cards in their deck is at least 30. Token-rarity cards are typically pooled together after opening packs so players can use the cards they need for their card-pools.

A player can only start the game with a card from their card-pool if the card’s class/talents are a subset of the hero’s class/talents (e.g. a Light talent card can only be included if the hero has a Light talent). Generic cards can be used with any hero.

A card-pool can contain any amount of each unique card (e.g. If you draft 6 Sink Below (red) from your boosters, you can play with all 6 in your deck.).

These rules are subject to the effects of the hero or cards in the card-pool, which may allow or limit what cards can be included. (e.g. Heroes with “Essence” allow certain talented cards to be included, even if the hero doesn’t have the same talent. Cards with “Legendary” limit themselves to only 1 in the deck.)

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