May 27 2023


1:30 pm - 6:00 pm



Yu-Gi-Oh Time Wizard Tournament

Play to win OTS packs and other prizes at HobbyTown Lincolns’ Time Wizard Tournament on Saturday, May 27th!

Entry is $5, and Swiss Rounds based on attendance begin at 1:30pm.  Top cut will also be determined by attendance.  Format is Time Wizard-GOAT.
Everyone who enters will get a OTS pack, and will add half a pack of OTS to the prize pool Additionally, first place also gets a sealed box of Maximum Gold: El Dorado !

Time Wizard

The Time Wizard format is a way for OTS to sanction retro‐format tournaments. The tournament setting will revolve around the rules and mechanics of the game as they were played during a specific point in time! All that is required when setting up the tournament is the Forbidden & Limited list being used, and the latest legal set. For instance, if Time Wizard travelled back to the US National Championship in 2005, the tournament would be using the April 2005 Forbidden & Limited list and the last legal set would be Dark Beginnings 2.

The event is finished.

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