Apr 22 - 24 2022


6:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Magic: the Gathering PreRelease Weekend @ Pioneer Woods: Streets of New Capenna

Pre-Release events for Magic: the Gathering Streets of New Capenna will be running all weekend at HobbyTown Lincoln’s South store!

At-Home PreRelease Kits are $35 and include 6 packs of the new set to build a deck with, plus 2 additional packs for prizes!

In-Store Pre-Release events are back, including 2-Headed Giant!

  • Friday, April 22nd:      6pm (4-round event)
  • Saturday, April 23rd: 10am (regular) and 3pm (4-round event)
  • Sunday, April 24th:    11am* (2-Headed Giant) and Noon (4-round event)

Entry is $35 per player, and in-store registration starts 30 minutes before each event.  You can speed up your check-in with the Magic Companion App using the following codes:

  • Friday, April 22nd (6pm):       NYDW45
  • Saturday, April 23rd (10am):  XX48J6
  • Saturday, April 23rd (3pm):   6DNXMN
  • Sunday, April 24th (11am 2HG):  PE3V7N
  • Sunday, April 24th (noon):     8P8XNE

Each player in a Sealed event will receive a Pre-Release Kit containing 6 booster packs and a premium promo card to build a 40+ card deck; basic lands will be provided by the store.

-The 6pm Friday, 3pm Saturday, and noon Sunday events will be capped at 4 rounds, with players earning a prize pack for each match they win!

-Prizes will be awarded based on attendance at the 10am Saturday event: every player adds 2 booster packs to the prize pool!

*The 2-Headed Giant event is capped at 16 teams, so check out the details and pre-register now at !

Streets of New Capenna PreRelease kits will include 5 regular draft packs as well a single seeded pack to support one of the five three-colored crime families:

  • Maestros: Grixis colors in Blue, Black, and Red. The Maestros mechanic is Casualty, copying Instant and Sorcery spells upon sacrificing a creature.
  • Brokers: Bant colors in Green, White, and Blue. The Brokers mechanic is Shield Counters, providing protection in a build that thrives on control. 
  • Obscura: Esper colors in White, Blue, and Black. The Obscura mechanic is Connive, providing card advantage and +1/+1 counters.
  • Riveteers: Jund colors in Black, Red, and Green. The Riveteers mechanic is Blitz, giving creatures Haste at an alternative casting cost in builds that play aggressively. 
  • Cabaretti: Naya colors in Red, Green, and White. The Cabaretti mechanic is Alliance, providing various effects when creatures enter the battlefield, supporting creature-heavy builds with go-wide synergies. 

There will be a sign-up sheet at check-in with options to choose a family, or you can let fate decide!


The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule


6pm - 11pm
Friday 4-Round Sealed PreRelease


10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am PreRelease
3pm - 8pm
Saturday 4-Round PreRelease


11am - 5pm
Two-Headed Giant
12pm - 5pm
Sunday 4-Round PreRelease
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