Mar 14 2020


1:00 pm - 8:00 pm



MTG Mystery Booster Launch Party

Celebrate the new Magic: the Gathering Mystery Boosters with a Launch Party at HobbyTown Lincoln on Saturday, March 14th!

In a twist, this Launch Party will use Expanding Sealed Deck and Double Elimination rules.  To start with, each player will get 4 Mystery Booster packs at the start to build a 40+ card deck, and each round players will get another Mystery Booster to add to their pool!

There will also be additional foil and non-foil Promo Packs added after certain rounds, so don’t get eliminated!

Date: Saturday, March 14th
Time: 1pm start
Entry: $35
Format: Expanding Sealed Deck, Bracketed Double Elimination
Player Cap: 64

  Players   Rounds  Hand Out Non-Foil Promo Packs  Hand Out Foil Promo Packs
33–64 6 After Round 3 After Round 5
17–32 5 After Round 1 After Round 4
0–16 4 After Round 1 & 2 After Round 3


The event is finished.

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