HobbyTown Lincoln


HobbyTown Lincoln
4107 Pioneer Woods Dr Ste 108, Lincoln NE 68506


Oct 07 2019


6:15 pm - 10:00 pm



Magic: the Gathering -Modern Monday League

Prove your mastery of Modern Magic at HobbyTown Lincoln’s Modern Monday League!

6pm registration, 6:15pm start.
$5 entry, Modern format.


Each week of regular league play, half of the entry fees go to that day’s prize pool and the other half goes to an ever-growing pool for the League Championship.

At the end of each 8-week League Season, there will be a Championship tournament with all the accumulated prizes plus a bonus from HobbyTown, which will be announced as we get closer!

To qualify for the championship, a player will need to have played in at least 4 of the 8 League weeks.  Currently, the Championship will cut to the Top 16 players by accumulated match points during the league, but will be increased if average attendance exceeds 32 players.

League Season 1 will go from October 7th through November 25th, with the League Championship on Monday, December 2nd!

Check out current standings on the spreadsheet at https://tinyurl.com/HobbyTownLincolnModernLeague !

Championship Event:

For the December 2nd Championship, we will be publishing the Top 8 decklists after the event, so qualifying players can bring a decklist with them to submit when they register; there will also be time set aside at 6:15pm to write down decklists.

There is no fee to enter the Championship once you’ve qualified!

The Championship will run as a Swiss-format tournament with up to 4 rounds and prizes to the Top 4.  From Round 3 on, the event will end if there is only 1 undefeated player to be declared Champion!

Prizes :
1st-$125 HobbyTown Gift Card
2nd-$75 HobbyTown Gift Card
3rd-$50 HobbyTown Gift Card
4th-$50 HobbyTown Gift Card


The Championship will run at Competitive REL, so electronic communication devices will need to be kept out of matches-boogie boards are still fine for tracking life totals and notes though!

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