May 14 2022


11:00 am - 8:00 pm



MTG Streets of New Capenna Game Day (Pioneer Woods)

Bring your best new Standard-format Constructed Magic: the Gathering deck and test your mettle at the Streets of New Capenna Game Day, Saturday May14th at HobbyTown Lincoln (Pioneer Woods)!

Swiss rounds based on attendance begin at 11am, so be there early to register!  Entry is $10.

In addition to prize packs awarded based on attendance to top players, everyone who plays will get a participation promo Power Word Kill, and players who make the Top 8 will also get a Top 8 promo foil Skyclave Apparition.  On top of that, the Champion of the Top 8 cut after swiss rounds will also win a foil promo All-Seeing Arbiter!



The event is finished.

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