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Oct 16 2022


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



My Hero Academia CCG PreRelease: Heroes Clash

Date: Sunday, October 16

Time: 2pm start

Entry: $25

Each player will get 6 packs of the new set to build a deck and play with (while supplies last), with any additional prizes based on attendance.


Sealed Format:

In a sealed event, each player receives 6 packs and will form a deck using a minimum of 40 cards from those packs. The cards in your deck do not need to all share the same symbol with your character, but every card must share at least 1 symbol. These deviations from the standard deck building rules allow players to create decks from such few cards.

Your starting character can be chosen from any character opened in one of your packs, a Quirk Pack character available, or additionally there will be draft format characters printed out for players to choose from which are returned to the store at the end of the event.

In addition to the deck building alterations for sealed, there is one gameplay rule change as well: when you run out of cards in your deck, you only remove 5 cards from your deck instead of the standard 10 when you cycle your deck.

Full game rules at https://mhacardgame.com/rules-documents/

The event is finished.

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