FAB Skirmish poster-April 2023


Apr 15 2023


1:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Flesh and Blood TCG Skirmish: Season 6

Flesh and Blood organized play is back with a vengeance for 2023 with Skirmish Season 6!

Skirmish Season 6 will feature the brand new Outsiders set. With its focus on back to basics melee combat, this season of Skirmish will challenge new players while also providing a great opportunity for new fans getting started in competitive organised play.

What are Skirmish Events?
Skirmish is a single in-store event offered to selected GEM stores. It is a way to help grow local communities at a casual level.

When is Skirmish Season 6 at HobbyTown Lincoln?
April 15th, starting at 1pm

What is the format?
Blitz Constructed

Entry fee?

Event Structure
All events should be run with swiss rounds, followed by a top 4 or 8 cut depending on the number of players in the event (with the exception of 8 players where there is no top cut).

*Events need a minimum of 8 players to run (start).

Prizes:Prizes for Skirmish Season 6 event

Remember to register your Flesh and Blood player account at https://fabtcg.com/accounts/register/ , and save your spot for the event at https://fabtcg.com/join/honest-ferret/ 

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